Candid shots

People photography isn’t something I do very often – and when I do, it’s usually in a studio setting with a (mostly) fully aware subject. But this week’s Photo Challenge was to take candid shots of people, so I decided to head up Troopers’ Hill in the late evening. I managed to catch a glorious display on one of the sunny days last week, with the golden sun low in the sky and a summer haze hanging over the city. I was expecting to find a few dog walkers but I was spoilt for choice with people going for an evening stroll or sitting on benches.

OK, so two of those pictures don’t contain any people – I like them anyway. For my Photo Challenge entry, I think I’ve ruled out the two girls sitting on the bench as the composition is mostly uninteresting. I like the dynamism of the hot air balloon passing over, and the man of the couple pointing towards the hazy city. I’ll probably choose the hot air balloon, because it is unusual. Anyone have any thoughts?

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