Bristol Aquarium

Bristol Aquarium has been open for a while, but I only just got around to going with some friends, for Hannah’s birthday.

Shooting inside the aquarium was a challenge as it was quite dark. I had to use my fastest lens (a Canon 50mm f/1.8) even though it wasn’t the ideal lens for the job. Even then, with high ISO of 1600, the shutter speed was a bit slow and any fish that were moving tended to be unsharp. Flash wasn’t allowed so I had to make do with shooting the slow-moving fish with a slow shutter speed.

On top of that, lots of the tanks were lit with coloured light (for example the jellyfish were illuminated with blue LEDs) which played havoc with my white balance.

Photographic challenges aside, we all had a fun time, I learnt some things (which I’ve since forgotten) and I came away with at least some decent pictures.

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