Tonight is the “supermoon“, apparently. It’s the closest it’s been since 1992 and should look larger and brighter. Delving a little deeper into the numbers, it is only a small percentage closer and the effects probably won’t be visible to the naked eye, without some sort of measuring equipment.

Whatever. We all know I love the moon, so I decided to take a picture of it as it was out so clearly.

Geek info: I used my Canon 450D with Tamron 70-300mm lens and 2× teleconverter. Neither of those two pieces of glass are up to much, so some sharpening was required in GIMP, as well as some correction for chromatic aberration (i.e., I made it black & white).

I’m quite pleased with the result.

3 thoughts on “Super-moon

    1. Lucky! I didn’t get to see the moon in its orange colour because of cloud cover. It only cleared quite late. Good shots on your Facebook page too. If you need to “zoom in” a bit more but can’t afford a large zoom lens, you could buy a teleconverter to double your focal length to 400mm. They work pretty well 🙂


  1. Thanks, im just putting up today’s shots…not as crisp as the ones in the past but was worth the effort 🙂

    Will give the teleconverters a try…still trying to learn the basics of my camera.


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