Squanderers’ Varsity hockey match

Today I went to Cambridge to watch the Cambridge Squanderers play hockey against Oxford. I don’t really know much about hockey,but I had a vested interest because my brother Oliver was the captain, wearing number 33.

I took loads of photos, and here are the best. You can click for larger versions, or if you are a Cantabrigian and want a full-size copy of any of these photos (e.g. for printing), please hover over the picture to find its number and leave a comment at the bottom of this post 🙂

So here we see the Squanderers having a pre-match team talk.

Even after watching 70 minutes of hockey, I still don’t have much of a grasp of the rules, so I shall refrain from commenting on these pictures of the match. If you know more than I do, feel free to comment at the bottom.

As it turns out, Oxford won by two goals to nil but I thought the teams were pretty evenly matched and that it was an excellent game. Here the Squanderers jog round the pitch after the game, to much applause from the crowd.

The Squanderers team photo.

And after a quick shower, they re-emerged from the club house as Mafia men. Go figure.

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