An afternoon on the beach

Today, Hana and I went to Weston-Super-Mare. I’ve been craving a proper photo session all week, but livened by the thought of the beach, I couldn’t decide which camera to take. So I took three.

The photos on this page are from my (digital) Canon EOS 450D, because I haven’t yet used up and processed the film from the two proper cameras I also took.

The tide was out a long way, so I was able to walk quite far away from the sea wall, enabling me to get this wide panorama. It’s composed of 22 separate shots for a total of 154 megapixels, and 51 minutes of my computer’s time stitching it all together. This thumbnail is too thin to see anything, but you can click for a somewhat larger version.


I’ve been hunting for a decent panoramic scene for a while now, since I snapped up a panoramic frame a few weeks ago and have been wanting to fill it. This picture has an aspect ratio of 21:1, while my frame offers a mere 4:1, so I’ll have to keep hunting for something not quite as wide as an entire seafront.

I reckon the best of my photos today were captured with my Canon AE-1 with infrared film, and my Braun Paxette with regular black & white film. However, just to keep you going for now, here’s a few more taken with the 450D.

Hana’s black & white stripes really make this picture for me.

And here’s me, shooting something with my Paxette.

2 thoughts on “An afternoon on the beach

  1. That panorama is cracking, and I guess as there’s not much in the foreground (unlike out of your lounge window) the jointing is seamless.

    Oh because a Cannon 450D isn’t a ‘proper’ camera :p


  2. Yeah, never a dull moment outside my window with all those gun battles, arrests and car fires.

    And a Canon 450D isn’t a proper camera because it doesn’t have anywhere for the film to go.


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