Another portrait

This is another portrait of Hana, along the same lines as many I’ve done before.

But this time, inspired by Stu’s recent challenge entry, I had a go at lighting the background with a coloured flash.


It’s OK, but the LCD on my camera isn’t very good and since looking at the photo on my PC, there are many things I’d change.

I was aiming for a half-lit face but I hadn’t expected the entire face and shoulders to come out so dimly. Unfortunately that’s as many photos as I’m allowed to take today.

Unless I come up with something better by Tuesday, this will be my entry into this week’s photo challenge – “pictures of people”.

3 thoughts on “Another portrait

  1. Good work! I read somewhere that background light works best when its brightest point is between the shoulder blades.

    The background needs surprisingly little light, I’ve found, compared with the subject.

    Keep it up… you got light into both eyes which is good!


  2. Thanks 🙂

    I did think that my red backlight was a bit bright, but unfortunately it’s a cheapy fixed-power hotshoe flash – a Cobra D400. I’ve read that it’s supposed to be quite easy to add a variable power mod.

    I also thought there was a need for more light on the face but there wasn’t time to fetch my second main flashgun (Blazzeo 150W) but Hannah wasn’t in a mood for posing any longer 😦 You can tell by her expression!

    One of these days I’ll see if I can persuade someone else to sit in a chair for me.


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