Ensign Cameo

Released c1928 I was given this camera by my father-in-law as a birthday present. It’s a strange cross between a view camera and a more common folding camera. It has a ground glass focusing screen and front rise, but also has a pop-up sports finder and waist-level finder. Unusually, its default orientation is portrait ratherContinue reading “Ensign Cameo”

Photographic news bulletin

I’ve got a few photographic things to write about, so I thought I’d do a mini news bulletin. New camera: 1920s Ensign Cameo For my birthday, my parents-in-law got me an Ensign Cameo view camera. It’s a real beauty with black leather and silver chrome trim, still shiny and bright. I’ve not been able toContinue reading “Photographic news bulletin”

Ensign Ranger Special

Released 1953 This camera was a gift. It’s a fairly standard folding camera which prefers to be in the portrait orientation. Its main interesting feature is the built-in mask which allows the photographer to choose 6×9 or 6×6 exposures. See all photos taken with the Ranger. At a glance Lens Fixed 105mm f/4.5 Film 120Continue reading “Ensign Ranger Special”