What about the other three?

I spotted this article on the web earlier today, which discusses a possible cure for peanut allergies. But one particular section jumped out at me: The largest ever trial to find a treatment for potentially fatal peanut allergies is to give sufferers tiny amounts daily to build up tolerance. Twenty out of 23 sufferers in […]

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The house of the future

Some years ago, my dad bought me a book about electronics, computers and robots from a jumble sale for 10p. It was published in 1984 and probably about 15 years out of date when I received it. Today I came across it on my bookshelf back at my parents’ house, and there’s a double-page spread […]

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For anyone who also reads my photo blog, you might have seen that I went out around sunset last night to see if there were any interesting photos to be taken. Before I left the house, I checked the official time of sunset on the BBC Weather website, and found it to be 9:04pm. I […]

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