CD/DVD duplication on Linux with TurboJet

I was looking for easy methods of burning several CD or DVD images across several drives simultaneously on Linux, since burning 20+ CDs on one burner is pretty tedious. It’s possible to use some bash magic to loop cdrecord in parallel but I wanted a GUI app as an alternative to using Nero or Alcohol on Windows.

turbojet2I found an old project called TurboJet which hasn’t been maintained for a while. It gets quite a few mentions on various forums but some people are having difficulty getting it to work. I migrated the project to GitHub and made a few improvements to the packaging and documentation. I managed to build it successfully on Fedora 22, CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.

It’s early days but I have a few improvements planned, including support for Debian/Ubuntu, auto-configuration of CD/DVD drives and better documentation. Take a look at the issue tracker if you have any further suggestions. I don’t actually know C++ and I haven’t worked on a GUI app since Visual Basic at school so progress may be slow. Please volunteer your skills if you fancy helping 🙂

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