Shackman Auto Camera mk3

Released 1945

This is a rather interesting scientific and military camera that was manufactured between approximately 1945-1955 in Britain. It is powered by clockwork but also designed to be controlled by an external trigger to take pictures automatically. The intended use is to take periodic photographs of scientific equipment or the dials on an aircraft. Think of it as a 1940s data logger.

It takes 35mm film in bulk 20′ reels (which is still available) and takes square pictures. The camera is focused manually but cannot be focused mid-roll since to focus it, you need to remove the film. It is not really a hand-held camera!

My example of this camera has a shutter and a Dallmeyer Anastigmat 1⅜” f/3.5 lens.

Shackman Auto Camera mk3
Shackman Auto Camera mk3

At a glance

Lens 1⅝” screw thread
Film 135
Focus Manual
Meter None

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