Kodak Ektra 22

Released 1978

This is a cheap and cheerful 110-format sub-miniature camera. Fixed aperture, three-speed shutter set by a switch with weather symbols. My copy was donated to my collection and came in excellent condition in original box, with some flash bulbs.

Kodak Ektra 22
Kodak Ektra 22

At a glance

Lens Fixed Kodar 25mm f/9.5
Film 110
Focus Fixed
Meter None

One thought on “Kodak Ektra 22

  1. Hi Jonathan, according to my information, the shutter is set to 1/40 when a Topflash is pushed into the flashsocket. The 1/125 and 1/250 is set by the type of film used. The switch with the weather symbols controls two aperture settings (mine does šŸ™‚ ). Check on collection-appareils.fr and lippisches-kameramuseum.de


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