Then & Now

My entry for this week’s Photo Challenge is a pair of pictures taken on St Augustine’s Parade, Bristol – also known in the past as The Tramways Centre and today simply as The Centre.

The first picture was taken in 1955 by a relative of one of my colleagues. I took the second picture on 13th March, 2014 – 59 years later.

St Augustine's Parade (1955)
St Augustine’s Parade (1955)
St Augustine's Parade (2014)
St Augustine’s Parade (2014)

The two pictures are taken from quite different places. The 1955 version was taken from further away with a normal lens. In 2014, there are some large lampposts, signs, trees, a statue and some roads so I had to move closer and use a wide angle lens.

The 1955 version was shot on Kodak Ektachrome transparency film in 6×6 format. I have no idea what kind of camera was used. The colours have faded quite badly so I did some restoration work, although it still looks a bit odd.

The 2014 version was also shot on film, but this time I used Agfa Vista 200 (from Poundland!) in a Zorki 4 camera with Jupiter 12 lens. The Zorki 4 was released in 1956 – just a year after the first picture was taken.

If anyone is reading this in 2073, please feel free to take another photo of the same place and send it in 🙂

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