New-old camera

A while back, my colleague Paul gave me an old camera with a couple of lenses. It was a Praktica Super TL1000 with a couple of M42-mount lenses, a Pentacon 30mm f/3.5 and a Dollond & Newcombe 200mm f/3.9. The latter is a brand I haven’t heard of before and haven’t been able to find much about since – although it appears to be an inexpensive telephoto lens which was sold under many different brands. For good measure, Paul threw in a roll of expired film (Ilford Delta 400) so I kept the camera on my desk at work and have lazily been taking pictures with it for months.

I just finished the film and processed it. It seems to be quite badly fogged, and as the light meter wasn’t working quite a few of the shots aren’t exposed properly either. Combining these two, quite a few of the pictures didn’t come out well – however, here are some of the ones that did.

You’ll be pleased to hear I returned Paul’s generosity by giving him a broken Pentax ME Super which I picked up for £1.25. He’s always wanted one of these pretty little SLRs so it’s quite nice to realise his dream, even if it will take him an evening of rage with tiny screwdrivers to un-stick the shutter!

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