More deep-sky astrophotography

M42 Orion nebula

After a successful first attempt with my new telescope, I decided to book a day off work, spent all night in Somerset and all day sleeping it off. I had lots of fun and I learnt an enormous amount – even if it did get quite chilly by 2am.

I was paying more attention to the lessons learnt from my previous attempts from astrophotography. Unfortunately I forgot to take dark frames so these images are quite noisy.

All these pictures were taken with a 6″ f/5 Newtonian telescope attached to a Canon EOS 600D camera and processed with RegiStax, DeepSkyStacker, ale and GIMP.

4 thoughts on “More deep-sky astrophotography

  1. Long ago with a film camera I used the telescope to take pictures but they did not look like yours well worth the day of work M31 Andromeda Galaxy WOW


    1. I’m quite new to astrophotography, but it seems there are two crucial things. You need a motorised tripod that can track the moving stars to avoid making star trails, and with a digital camera you take lots of shorter exposure which you combine later on the computer. Apparently the type of telescope you use isn’t important. I can imagine it would be extremely challenging to use film for astrophotography!


  2. It was for me I did get some really cool moon shots but nothing like yours. We have a local Astronomy Club that were incredibly helpful. They showed me where to aim the telescope. Saw dying stars in the jewel box it was fantastic but haven’t thought to do this with the digital might have to re-think that.


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