Infrared Week Part 1

Spring has sprung, and there is more infrared radiation in the sunlight. You can tell because it’s warm!

Mamiya C220
Mamiya C220

I’ve been saving some infrared film in the freezer since last summer, and I’ve finally had a chance to shoot it in my dedicated infrared camera – a Mamiya C220 TLR. In the past I’ve shot infrared film in an SLR but as the filter is opaque to the human eye, you can’t see anything in the viewfinder. It’s a pain to repeatedly remove and replace the filter, so I decided to buy this twin-lens reflex camera which has separate lenses to look through, and to take pictures through. I can keep the filter on the so-called “taking lens” all the time without obstructing the viewfinder.

So to cut a long story short, over the last week or so I’ve been shooting pictures in infrared. I’ve now finished shooting the film, processed it in the darkroom, and I have decided to publish one picture each day for a week*

* It’s a slight cheat. There were only 6 pictures I liked enough to publish, so today’s kick-off ramble counts as the seventh post 😛

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