Second pinhole test

After making some pinholes recently, I tested them with my DSLR. It has a tiny sensor and it’s not even the camera I intended to use the pinholes with. So naturally I’ve now tested them with my Horseman 980 view camera, which has a sensor area sixteen times greater than a crop-sensor DSLR.

Pinhole mounted on camera

I was hoping for better results as the sensor is significantly larger than the diameter of the pinhole. Here’s what I found.

Looks to me like the 0.3mm or 0.4mm pinhole is the sharpest. Last time, the 0.3mm pinhole was the sharpest on my DSLR. As expected, a slightly larger pinhole is needed for the larger film format.

The images are remarkably good considering they are made with nothing more than a hole in a piece of metal!

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