Ashton Court wildlife

Yesterday, as it was one of the first sunny, Spring days of the year, I went for a walk in Ashton Court Estate with my friend Nathan.

We started off admiring the view back over the river Avon to Bristol.

View of Bristol

I was admiring the shadows of these trees, and then two walkers strolled into the picture. For me, they really made the picture work, and I much prefer this version of the picture to the one without the people.

Tree and walkers

Then we got down to the substance of the day. This week’s Photo Challenge is wildlife, so I tried to take some photos of deer. They were pretty far away from the fence so these are the best I could get with the equipment I had on me. The harsh middle-of-the-day sunlight doesn’t really help these pictures in my opinion, either. One of these pictures will probably be my entry.


As we were leaving, I saw this composition spring together.

Cyclists and walkers

All in all, a very pleasant day out. It was great to enjoy some sunshine, some fresh air, and a good dose of exercise 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ashton Court wildlife

  1. You were at Ashton Court on Sunday?

    So was I, probably even at about the same time (I think I was there from about 12:30-2pm) I couldn’t get anywhere near the red deer, and couldn’t remember where the other herd are.

    I gave up and went to the Zoo, but wasn’t really happy with anything I shot there – so my entry this week is a squirrel 😦


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