Clevedon Pier & Troopers Hill

This film has been in my Mamiya RB67 since December 2011, when we went to Clevedon for Hannah’s birthday. Unfortunately a storm blew up while we were on the end of the pier with ridiculous amounts of wind and rain. Nonetheless, we’re English, and we sat there and damn well enjoyed it. When the rain eased off a little, I was able to get the RB67 out and take a few snaps.

Clevedon Pier

As we returned to solid land, the people in the gatehouse looked surprised. They said they didn’t know we were out there and assuming the pier was empty, had closed it because it was too windy to walk safely.

Clevedon Pier

Fast forward to February 2011, and the RB67 had another outing, this time for a walk on Troopers Hill.

Troopers Hill steps
Troopers Hill chimney
Troopers Hill chimney
Troopers Hill Road

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