Mainly Cabot Tower

I’ve had a film in my Zorki 4 for a few months now but it has seen hardly any use. I took it to work in central Bristol and left it on my desk, so it would be more likely to see some outings at lunchtimes.

My cycling route to work takes me through Castle Park, where somebody had laid this poppy wrath on a memorial stone on a misty November morning.

Poppy wreath

After several years of closure for refurbishment, Cabot Tower is now open to the public once again. I went up with Chris and Paul (who took a panorama). The lighting was a bit grey and flat but I think the photos are OK. The same can’t be said for my ears and fingers, which almost froze off.

Bristol seen from Cabot Tower
Bristol seen from Cabot Tower

In this picture you can see the bridge piers of Brunel‘s Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Bristol seen from Cabot Tower
Cabot Tower stonework

On a different day, a photowalk found Chris, Paul and me in a children’s playground in Redland. After I had spun them round on the roundabout, I managed this photo of the log swing.


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