Hay Tor

I last went to Hay Tor on Dartmoor on New Year’s Eve in 2008, so it seemed a good idea to revisit with the Mamiya. It’s my second favourite rock, after the moon.

On arrival, I was somewhat disappointed with the weather. It was fully overcast so there were no shadow details on the tor itself. It was also quite hazy, so long shots were grey and muted. Nonetheless, I shot a roll of film through a red filter to increase contrast, and the results are OK.

4 thoughts on “Hay Tor

  1. I went up there a few years back with my Aunty, and it was so foggy, you couldn’t see 3 yards in front of you. Nice to see what it really looks like.


  2. I’ve been up there twice, and on the first occasion it was that foggy, too. See the link I included…

    Hannah lives locally so she’s been up there many times and says it’s almost always foggy like that, so I think I was lucky on this occasion.


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