Cheddar Gorge

Avid readers of my blog will know that I recently purchased a Mamiya RB67 with the intention of using it for high-resolution landscapes, à la Ansel Adams. I’ve posted a few photos from the RB67 on my photo blog already, but up until now these have been mainly for the sake of testing the camera and familiarising myself with it. It sure is a beast!

I also compiled a list of places–mostly in the South-West–that I want to visit to take landscapes. This weekend just gone, the sun was out and the weather was beautiful and clear, so I set off with my friend Ben to Cheddar Gorge to see what we could see.

Unfortunately, out of twenty-something photos taken, only two came out.

It seems that I had neglected to check the mirror lock-up knob, meaning that the shutter didn’t fire in many of the picture, leading to totally blank film. And of some of the ones that did get exposed, one of the film backs seems to have a light leak and the film was ruined. I can easily fix the light leak and in future I’ll certainly pay attention to the mirror settings.

In the meantime, here are the two photos that came out OK. The first one has some evidence of a small light leak in the bottom-left corner. The other frames had light leaks so severe that the entire frame was made white.

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