Bitton Station

Today I was visited by a friend from Nuneaton. We decided to enjoy the pleasant (but slightly overcast) Spring weather by cycling to Bitton Station on the Avon Valley Railway.

For the first time, I used Efke R 50 film and I took my Conway box camera. It has a low quality lens with poor contrast, poor sharpness, fixed focus and severe vignetting. All in all, it makes wonderful, soft, dreamy images that are perfect for shooting steam trains and old station buildings.

For the first shot, I used the built-in close up lens which says it works between one and three metres. I guess it’s out of calibration because the daffodils are blurred and the more distant fence is in focus.

On the platform of Bitton Station there are some old adverts. This one for Craven “A” cigarettes makes me wonder how on earth tobacco companies got away with such lies.

A couple of shots of the station platform at Bitton.

These two photos show a stretch of track nearer the Oldland Common station. Shame the locomotive approached a bit faster than I realised as I gazed through the viewfinder, and so it’s half out of the shot.

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