Asus EeePC 901 and Kingspec SSDs

Recently the 16GB SSD in my EeePC 901 failed. I was surprised how little variety there was in compatible replacement SSDs, and so I bought practically the only option – a Kingspec 16GB SATA SSD. I paid just over £40 for it.

I’ve no idea how it performs in comparison with the original Asus SSD, but I don’t care. I only use my netbook for SSH sessions so it doesn’t really matter.

I swapped the two SSDs over but was annoyed to find that the Kingspec SSD wasn’t recognised. I did a little light reading, and found that only newer BIOS versions support this SSD. Fortunately, updating the BIOS on an Eee 901 is pretty straightforward.

  1. Download the latest compatible BIOS image, e.g.
  2. Unzip the file, and rename it to 901.ROM (in capitals)
  3. Format a spare USB memory stick as FAT16 (FAT32 will not work) and copy 901.ROM onto it
  4. With the EeePC switched off, make sure that all USB devices and SD cards are removed. Attach the USB stick you just prepared.
  5. Turn the EeePC on, and at the grey ASUS splash screen, press Alt+F2.
  6. EZ Flash should detect your USB stick, find the firmware and update. On my system, it took about three minutes.
  7. Power off when prompted, remove your USB stick, and replace any SD cards.
  8. Power on, and your system should detect the Kingspec SSD. You might have to change the BIOS boot order, but you’re now free to go ahead and reinstall the OS.

3 thoughts on “Asus EeePC 901 and Kingspec SSDs

  1. Hi Jonathan, I’m using Runcore for my SSD primary 50mm replacement for 901go it turn out very disappointed. Runcore product it seem is very easy to spoil in NAND flash. It was not recognized / undetected after used some sometime. I’m very disappointed with their product is more 5 times RMA still the same problem. How you manage to find out Kingspec is compatible for 901? Which SSD for your replacement?


  2. I have recently replaced a Kingspec SSD to my EEEPC 901. I found a much bigger problem, which both SSD (the original 16G and 64G Kingspec SSD) were not recognized. After going through a BIOS update, I managed to get system to recognize the 64G Kingspec SSD. Well, at least this proofed the Kingspec SSD works.

    I am now finding a solution to the 16G SSD (30mm*70mm one) problem.


    1. I have the same problem. After Bios update it recognizes the Kingspec SSD but not the standard second SSD (30mm*70mm). Have you found a solution for this?


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