My first Wikipedia article

For someone who nominally “doesn’t like writing”, I rather enjoy writing articles on my blog. I never particularly enjoyed English at school, but now that I have a technical job that requires me only to make brief notes, I relish the opportunity to write about something I’m interested in once in a while.

I’ve been wanting to write something for Wikipedia for some time, but there’s almost nothing I know enough about to be authoritative, but that is specialised enough that I’m the first to write about it. A few months ago I started making some notes and collecting references about St Paul’s Church in Nuneaton, where I grew up. As with most other well-intended projects, it fell by the wayside in my busy life.

However, this week I saw news of Wikipedia’s 10th birthday, and had a slightly more personal reminder that Jimmy Wales, its founder, spoke in Bristol. This was enough of a stimulus to kick me back into action, and I spent some time transferring the article from my computer to a draft article on Wikipedia. I added some references, and after my “probationary period” at Wikipedia (at least ten edits and at least four days of membership) I was able to move the page to the live site.

So here it is – I hope you enjoy reading about St Paul’s church, Stockingford. Hopefully by the time you read this, the page won’t have been deleted by editors.

As with all good wiki pages, there’s more I want to add, and I’m sure the page will be expanded in due course.

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