Hana and I went away for a few days to stay in Wells. (You may already have seen her looking gorgeous in the restaurant).

This is the view from our bedroom window in the Ancient Gate House Hotel, lit by the golden evening sunshine. I took about a million similar photos with various kinds of daylight (and night-time illumination) but this is my favourite.

There’s little else to do in Wells, so we spent most of a day in and around the cathedral. I felt super-special important because I bought a Photographic Permit, which entitled me to take all of the following photos šŸ™‚

Firstly, the arches which were added ten years after the construction of the cathedral, on 3 sides of the main tower, because it was going to fall down.

A series of arched “windows”

The beautiful vaulted roof of the chapter house

Hana sitting in the chapter house

The famous staircase leading up to the chapter house

A view down the side aisle

The organ

An old building through an old window – the view of the cathedral from the cloisters

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