Steam trains

Today I cycled to the Avon Valley Railway, somewhere between Bristol and Bath, and accessible via the Bristol-Bath cycle path.

Being a sunny Spring day, the steam trains were running and there were plenty of passengers and spectators. I took a few photos that I’m pleased with – all the better that I was using black & white film for that vintage feel.

It was also the first time that I’ve properly used my new 135mm prime lens, and it’s fantastic.

Sort of train related, here’s the Staple Hill tunnel – free of trains and now part of the cycle path.

And finally, not at all train-related, but from the same roll of film, a deliberately out-of-focus shot of some street lights…

… and a sizzling barbecue.

3 thoughts on “Steam trains

  1. I always think steam locos are best photographed in b&w, good snaps mate.
    Nice shot of the tunnel lights, gives it a futuristic quality.


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