Box camera

This morning was a very foggy one across Bristol, so I decided to take my camera to work and find something for this week’s Photo Challenge – framing your photos with a box. So you’ll understand why these photos are all taken through a cardboard box!

Fog is my favourite weather – mainly because of its feel and smell. It is, however, hard to capture on camera. What looks mysterious and dreamy to the eye looks like a dirty camera lens when you see the photos later on. But here’s what I achieved during my stopoff at Castle Park.

The first one is a view of Bristol Bridge.

Here’s St Peter’s church, disappearing into the mist. The greyish cast over the photo, combined with the rough frame and old architecture makes me think this photo might have been taken a hundred years ago.

This is another view down the river, this time facing in the direction away from Bristol Bridge. It was the buoys that caught my attention.

I can’t take all the credit for this composition. I was trying to compose a shot of the cranes and some birds flew into the frame, so I pressed the shutter as quickly as I could.

4 thoughts on “Box camera

  1. I love fog too, it very atmospheric and it’s the perfect weather for a murder.
    I really like the first shot, it reminds me of a victorian thriller.


    1. Actually there was another photographer in the same area with an expensive camera. He sneered at me for walking around with a box. I felt like sneering at him for NOT having a box! Clearly not a Photo Challenge participant!


  2. Lol – you were right to want to sneer at his camera-minus-SLR Jon! Really do like the last picture, the birds just stand out so well against everything else – very lucky that they flew past right there and then!


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