Guide listings in Vista MCE for ITV channels

When I get my Vista-based Media Center to scan for FreeView channels, it finds them all correctly. When I go to add listings, I choose my region and it fetches them. But ITV1 and ITV2 both lack listings – despite the fact that the listings in question appear to be available.

There’s a tweak you have to do, and then it all works wonderfully.

  1. First go to the Main Menu, choose Tasks and then Settings.

    Step 1
  2. Choose TV

    Step 2
    Step 2
  3. Choose Guide

    Step 3
  4. Choose Add Listings to Channel

    Step 4
  5. Choose the channel that is causing you problems. For me it was ITV1 and ITV2 (although oddly not ITV2+1).

    Step 5
  6. Scroll down the alphabetical list of available guides, and choose the right one for your channel. As you can see, there may be more than one available guide for some of the channels, so try both until you get one that works.

    Step 6
  7. Choose Save

    Step 7
  8. Rinse and repeat for each of the channels that is lacking guide data.
  9. Open the Guide and make sure the data is now there.

    Step 8

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