New camera: Canon AE-1 Program

Today I was given a camera by a relative – an unwanted Canon AE-1P.

Canon AE-1 Program
Canon AE-1 Program

It’s my first SLR camera and I’m looking forward to having a play with it. My digital camera, a Fuji S9600 has many of the controls of an SLR without actually being one, so I’m familiar with the concepts.

But film is very different and I haven’t the first clue about it. I’ve never used a proper film camera. As a child my parents gave me disposable 35mm cameras and they were also fairly early adopters of digital photography (starting with a Fuji A201) so there were never 35mm cameras lying around for me to play with. I had to consult the user manual to figure out how to load film into the AE-1P!

After I’ve taken some photos with the AE-1P and had them developed (and begged, borrowed or stolen a film scanner) I’ll post the results on my photo blog if they are any good.

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