Map of the Bristol – Bath cycle path

When I first started using the Bristol – Bath cycle path I was frustrated by the lack of decent maps. Most of the ones I’ve come across that show the exits of the bike path are schematics, like maps of the London tube. It can be pretty hard to figure out how that ties into a real map, for planning real-life journeys that use roads and off-road paths.

So I spent an hour using the schematic at the link above, Google aerial photos (which show the path), an Ordnance Survey map of Bristol and Bath, and a black pen. I marked in the route of the cycle path and all the exits from the path onto public roads. This map is now on my wall at home and it’s a great reference.

Unfortunately it’s a little too big for my scanner so I’ve had to settle with taking a photo. Unfortunately the problem with photos is that my head casts a shadow, but never mind. Hopefully this will prove useful to someone. Click for a bigger version of the map.

Map of the Bristol – Bath cycle path

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