How not to handle negatives

Since I started playing with 35mm photography a few weeks ago, I’ve been using Snappy Snaps near Clifton Down shopping centre. It came with the recommendation of a friend. I’ve simply been asking them to develop the film into negatives and then I’ve been scanning the negatives myself. But I noticed that the first few […]

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Digital vs film photography

When digital cameras came out, people hailed it as a great revolution. You could now take thousands of holiday pictures and simply delete the ones you didn’t like. While this is certainly a bonus for some, it can encourage the photographer to be lazy about setting up the scene properly. My first “real” camera was […]

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Upgrading to an SLR. Perhaps.

So I’ve been playing with my new camera, a 35mm Canon SLR. I rather like it. For me, film will never win over digital for convenience, but I’ve enjoyed using the SLR so much that I’m strongly considering upgrading my Fuji Finepix S9600 to a digital SLR. Cost aside, there are several disadvantages in upgrading, […]

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