Mamiya C220

Released 1968

I bought this TLR for the purpose of shooting infrared. Sure, I’ve got lots of other cameras that can do that, but with an infrared filter over the lens you can’t see anything in the viewfinder. With a TLR, the viewfinder uses a separate lens and you can still see what you’re doing without having to remove the filter between each shot.

Mamiya C220
Mamiya C220

At a glance

Lens Mamiya C mount
Film 120 6×6cm
Focus TLR waist level finder
Meter None

2 thoughts on “Mamiya C220

  1. Hi. I’ve got several medium format cameras and C220 is one of them. I usually make infrared photography with a Hasselblad 500C/M but for several reasons I’d like to use Mamiya. The problem that I can’t solve with this camera is the focusing: on the cameras/lenses there is often a red signal (or similar) for the correction of the focusing in the “IR mode” but this is not present on C220. Looking at your IR photos with this camera I ask you how to get this good results in the focusing.



  2. Hi Claudio. There’s no special trick. Where possible, I used an aperture of f/8 to ensure a reasonable depth of field. Usually this means the exposure is long and I have to use a tripod. When focusing at infinity the correction is small and can usually be ignored, but you could try cranking out the bellows a tiny amount. For me it wasn’t a problem and focusing “just worked” the same as for visible light. As with all infrared photography, the trick is to experiment.

    Have fun!


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