Coronet Conway – Synchronised Model

Released 1955

I bought this camera from eBay as a way of getting into medium format photography. I also managed to get hold of the proprietary flashgun, the Coro-Flash, which takes flash bulbs.

See all photos taken with the Conway.

Conway Synchronised
Conway Synchronised

At a glance

Lens Fixed 110mm f/18
Film 120 (6×9)
Focus Fixed, with close-up lens
Meter None

9 thoughts on “Coronet Conway – Synchronised Model

    1. Hi My mother is approacking 80 years old and have a conway box camera very good condition in its original fabric case she has had this camera all her life sorm a small child she is wondering how much it is worth and where would she sell it

      much appreciated some ideas

      best regards richard


      1. Hi Richard,

        Box cameras are quite common and so they don’t usually fetch a very high price. A good condition box camera might fetch £25, possibly more if it is a rare or desirable one. I’d recommend searching on eBay for similar cameras to get an idea of the price, and then you could sell it on there too.

        I believe I paid £30 for my Conway box camera, but it came with a flashgun and the original case and manual.


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