Fog and ice

I woke up this morning and looked out of the window. I saw with delight that a thick fog had descended over the entire area. I love fog, so I grabbed one of my cameras and dashed out to Oldbury Court Estate. On the way, I slipped and fell on ice. Unfortunately, I bruised my […]

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Cars in the fog

I’ve probably said before that fog is my favourite weather. It is, however, very hard to capture well on camera. Here I’ve increased the contrast and lowered the brightness by large amounts.

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Making a fake daguerrotype

Daguerrotypes are an old type of photograph which were produced on a silver-coated copper plate, giving a mirror-like finish. True daguerrotypes need unpleasant chemicals but I tried to find a different technique to make unique pictures which appear to be on a metallic background.   A few years ago, I found a box of glass photographic plates. Strictly speaking, […]

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Ultraviolet photography

The common mention of “ultraviolet” in photography is the use of ultraviolet (UV) filters, which specifically block UV light and allow visible light into the camera. This is less important in the digital days since UV is also blocked at the camera sensor. It was more important in the film days when too much UV light […]

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My first motion picture film

I’ve always had a vague interest in film-making. As a child I borrowed my grandad’s VHS camcorder to make various kinds of film, such as this version of Thunderbirds dating from 1995. More recently, I’ve shot videos on my DSLR for the choir. A while back I was given a Super 8 camera but the high […]

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New-old camera

A while back, my colleague Paul gave me an old camera with a couple of lenses. It was a Praktica Super TL1000 with a couple of M42-mount lenses, a Pentacon 30mm f/3.5 and a Dollond & Newcombe 200mm f/3.9. The latter is a brand I haven’t heard of before and haven’t been able to find much […]

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