Locomotives & workshop tools for sale

I have been asked to clear out my father-in-law’s metalwork and electronics workshops and find good homes for his models and equipment. Here I have made an inventory of the main items. I don’t know much about model locomotives, metalworking or electronics so please do ask questions if anything is unclear. I can be contacted at me@jonathangazeley.com for enquiries. I haven’t attempted to give prices as many of these items are unique. All sensible offers will be considered but the items will be priced to sell as we need to empty the workshop.

There are many smaller hand tools for metalworking, woodworking and electronics which I haven’t listed individually. Feel free to ask if there are items you are interested in, or have a rummage when you visit. There are also various other items such as trolleys, jacks, shelves, cabinets, benches and a wide variety of sheet metals, rods, nuts, bolts, rivets, tubing, etc.

All of these items must be collected from Crediton, near Exeter, UK. Some of the items are very large and heavy and will need a van and some helpers!

  1. SOLD 10¼” Union Pacific 4-4-0 steam locomotive, incomplete. Has not been worked on for some time. The only thing missing appears to be the boiler. Chassis, wheels, pistons, tender all appear to be complete. Includes boxes of components. Viewing recommended to satisfy yourself of condition. Includes wheeled truck to move it around.

  2. SOLD Boiler for Union Pacific Big Boy on approx 12″ gauge. Includes firebox. Has been pressure-tested and signed off in 1986. Sorry for bad photo – it’s currently blocked in by other stuff.
  3. Model of 1910 London Underground gate-end carriage on 5″ scale. The model of the carriage includes lead-acid batteries and DC electric motors and is the real “locomotive”. Includes an incomplete model of the CLR loco which would be ornamental and pushed by the carriage. Built from scratch and the carriage was completed in 2016.

  4. E H Jones 3½ x 4’6″ lathe with chucks, face plates, cutters and 3hp single phase motor, old but good condition. Approx 8′ long.

  5. SOLD Myford MF10 lathe with chucks and cutters

  6. Senior M1 milling machine with set of end mills and scale & face cutters

  7. SOLD Meddings 10 speed pillar drill, single phase motor
  8. SOLD Kikusui oscilloscope
  9. SOLD Thurlby Thandar tone generator
  10. SOLD Maplin ZD-916 temperature controlled soldering station with iron, stand and as much solder and flux as I can find in the workshop
  11. SOLD Line Communication Handbook
  12. SOLD Wolf 8681 grinder
  13. SOLD Tap & die set from 0BA to 10BA, in wooden case
  14. Tap & die set from ¼-½”
  15. Tap & die set from 3/16 – ½”
  16. M&W Combination Sets
  17. SOLD Bosch jigsaw PST 650 including hard case and some spare blades
  18. Bench power supply
  19. Set of eight 3¾” cast iron loco wheels with wooden patterns (only 4 iron wheels are pictured here). Will need “finishing”. I think these are for the loco in #3
  20. BOC AC welding set with accessories
  21. SOLD Box of rivets
  22. Locker of metal drills, ranging from very small to approx 1″
  23. Lathe accessories for #4
  24. Lathe tools for #4
  25. Band saw
  26. Unknown chucks – presumably something to do with the lathe
  27. SOLD Set of 9” cast iron loco wheels of assorted design. I couldn’t currently reach all of them to count how many of each type but there are at least 13. Will need “finishing”. These may have been intended for the 12″ Big Boy loco that currently only has a boiler.
  28. Large iron nuts & bolts, up to approx 1″ thread
  29. Spanners up to 2”
  30. SOLD Propane blowtorch with cylinder. Not sure how much gas is left.
  31. Casals Professional 1400W circular saw – 110V
  32. 240-110V site transformer fitted with 13A plug
  33. SOLD Metal cutter
  34. Large quantity of electronics components – resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, LEDs and also components like buttons, switches, small motors, sounders, etc.
  35. SOLD Thurlby 30V-2A bench power supply

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