Zeiss Ikon Icarette 500/15

Released 1925 I’ve long fancied a 6×12 good-quality panoramic camera. The best option seems to be a 6×12 roll film back for a large format camera (such as my Horseman 45HD) but these are very expensive. Even more expensive are most of the dedicated 6×12 cameras from the likes of Fuji, Horseman and Linhof. I managed […]

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Olympus OM-1

Released 1973 While my favourite 35mm camera series is the Canon FD range, it is undeniable that the Olympus OM-1 is also an iconic model. This camera was given to me by a friend. It takes a mercury battery which is now impossible to obtain, but fortunately the battery is only used for metering. Without […]

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Caen Hill

A few years ago, I visited Caen Hill locks near Devizes for the first time. The steep flight of locks is one of the iconic sights of Wiltshire, so when I heard that my friend Matt’s parents were bringing their narrowboat down the flight, I volunteered as a deck hand. I’ve never operated a lock before […]

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