A weekend in Dunster

For our first wedding anniversary, Hannah and I spend a long weekend in Dunster, West Somerset. We first visited Dunster in the winter, and vowed to come back when the weather was nicer. It’s a small medieval village with a castle, a church and an ancient yarn market in the middle of the road. We […]

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Sherborne Abbey

A few weeks ago, I visited Sherborne Abbey with some friends who were singing with the choir In Ecclesia Exon. While they rehearsed, I photographed the beautiful building and some of its contents. I’ve photographed cathedrals and abbeys many times before but on this occasion I was trying to find something a bit different from […]

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Somerset Towers update

I’ve been busy this summer so I haven’t spent as much time as I would like taking pictures of the Somerset Towers for my project. Yesterday I went out for the first time in over two months and I photographed four churches. I’ve now got 32 of the 73 churches on my list. This is […]

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Salt & Pepper

This week’s Photo Challenge is salt & pepper. It’s a simple theme with lots of scope for different interpretations. I immediately had the idea of a high-contrast black & white version. This picture was taken using sheets of black and white plastic, and a small cookie cutter to sprinkle the condiments in circular heaps. It has […]

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Making a darkroom print

There are tons of excellent written guides about how to work in a photographic darkroom. There are even a few videos, but because digital cameras don’t really work well in almost total darkness, the videos are usually a bit rubbish. However, I have a DSLR which has been converted for full spectrum photography (infra-red and […]

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