Camera database

This is going to be a long article about photography and databases. Mostly databases, and in particular how to model certain photographic entities in a relational database. If you’re not interested in databases, stop reading now! I have quite a collection of cameras and lenses and I wanted to track as much information as possible […]

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First autoguided exposure

I’ve been amassing the components of my astrophotography rig over time. Before Christmas I got hold of a guide scope and I attempted to rig up a modified webcam as a guide camera. This wasn’t too successful so recently I bought a dedicated but inexpensive guide camera. After a brief experiment in my back garden […]

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New toys!

This week has been a bonanza for new toys, with five new cameras and some darkroom goodies. Here’s the round-up. The first camera I purchased –  a large format Horseman 45HD. This is to improve my landscape and architectural photography by increasing the field of view from my current Horseman 980. Some time soon I’ll […]

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Mec 16

Released 1958 This unusual camera was donated to my collection. It takes negatives on double-perforated 16mm film – the same type as used for cine cameras. It has full manual controls – aperture, shutter speed and focus, all set by small dials on the top plate. The viewfinder pulls out from the left hand side. […]

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Agfa Click-II

Released 1959 This is a simple camera, basically a box camera in all but shape. It has a slow, fixed-focus lens, a single-speed shutter and three selectable apertures. These are three holes of different sizes punched in a sheet of metal, rather than a continuously variable diaphragm.   At a glance Lens Fixed Achromat 72.5mm f/8.8 […]

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Kodak Ektra 22

Released 1978 This is a cheap and cheerful 110-format sub-miniature camera. Fixed aperture, three-speed shutter set by a switch with weather symbols. My copy was donated to my collection and came in excellent condition in original box, with some flash bulbs. At a glance Lens Fixed Kodar 25mm f/9.5 Film 110 Focus Fixed Meter None

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Horseman 45HD

The Horseman 45HD is my first “modern” large format camera. It is remarkably similar to the medium format Horseman 980 that I already own. I use view cameras widely for landscape and architectural photography, but was struggling to find a lens wide enough on medium format. Enter the 45HD – it takes all the same […]

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