This week’s Photo Challenge is corners. I went out in search of interesting corners. There weren’t many, but I quite like this composition. I think it’s the way to square right angles of the sun shield contrast with the angle of the rest of the building.

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Snow on Troopers Hill

Today it snowed! We had quite a few inches, which is unusual for Bristol. After I had performed my Snow Warden duties I headed up Troopers Hill into the nature reserve to take some pictures. I started out early while there weren’t many people around and took some pictures of the unspoilt snow. Later on, there […]

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Light box

For Christmas, I asked Mummy and Daddy Father Christmas for a light box, to help me review slides and negatives before printing and scanning. Today’s the first day I’ve had a chance to try it out, and here it is. It’s a box… with a light in. Who’d have thought! It works really well and […]

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I spent this morning at Bristol Airport, watching aeroplanes take off and land. It was cold enough that nearby puddles were frozen though, but it was the first sunny day this year, so I braved the ice and waited around with my camera. I think the wait paid off, as I caught this jet burning […]

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