It’s winter, it’s dark early, and the Arctic snap passing over the UK means it is nice and clear in the sky. Last night I went to my top-secret stargazing location in Somerset. It’s far enough to avoid the worst of Bristol’s light pollution, but there is still an orange tint in the sky. It’s […]

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Canon T90

Released 1986 My Canon FD-mount cameras are probably my most-used film cameras. Quite often on outings I’ll take the AE-1 Program and the FTb and load each with a different type of film. Sometimes, the FTb’s crude metering isn’t quite up to the job in challenging situations so I wanted an FD body with slightly […]

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Canon EOS 600D

Released 2011 I bought the 600D to replace the 450D. There was nothing wrong with the 450D but Canon sensors of that age are not great for astrophotography. The 600D offers photography at up to ISO 12800. The noise doesn’t matter since the images will be stacked later on. I own two 600D bodies, the other of which […]

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I recently finished a roll of slide film and sent it off for processing. (I can’t currently do E6-process films in my darkroom). I love the ridiculous colour saturation you get from slides. Coupled with my latest purchase, an ultrawide lens, it makes for some pretty dramatic pictures. Here are my favourites.

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