How many photos?

Earlier today I read an article that attempted to estimate the total number of photographs ever taken. (Spoiler: it’s about 3.5 trillion). I decided to have a look back over my own archive and see how many I’ve taken. Over the course of my life, I’ve taken approximately 3500 pictures on film and 35,000 with […]

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Second pinhole test

After making some pinholes recently, I tested them with my DSLR. It has a tiny sensor and it’s not even the camera I intended to use the pinholes with. So naturally I’ve now tested them with my Horseman 980 view camera, which has a sensor area sixteen times greater than a crop-sensor DSLR. I was […]

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I first got into this photography¬†malarkey¬†in 2008 (and in 2010 I wrote about how I got hooked). I’ve had great fun with it since then, and I feel that I’ve improved significantly. I know much more these days about the technicalities of photography, and the theory of art. When I look back at some of […]

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Ice, Water & Steam

For ages I’ve had the idea of producing a themed set of three black & white prints to display on the wall on my stairs at home. This evening I finally had the inspiration (the three classical states of water) and motivation to take the pictures and develop the film immediately after. I wanted to […]

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Gold hallmarks

Hannah has a gold ring which was her grandmother’s wedding ring. The hallmarks were too small to read so I decided to photograph the ring with my macro setup. I’ve messed with the contrast and sharpness of this picture – it’s not an artistic photograph, it’s just to aid the readability of the hallmarks. According […]

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Pinhole test

Recently I wrote about making a pinhole lens for my view camera. The results weren’t brilliant and I wondered if I had chosen the right diameter of pinhole. So I asked laser dude to cut some more pinholes in other sizes, and now I have 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm pinholes, all mounted in 80mm […]

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