As if starting Project 35 today were not enough – I also set up a few still life shots of chocolates for this week’s Photo Challenge. I’m not sure which one I’ll use (if any). Any excuse to buy some more chocolate to try some other ideas!

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Project 35 starts today!

The other day I aired my idea of Project 35. Project 35 is to shoot 35 pictures over 35 days on 35mm film with a 35mm lens. Today I started the project, and took the first picture. Now I have to keep up the daily photo habit for the next month-and-a-bit. As it’s film, the […]

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Project 35

For ages I’ve fancied doing some kind of solo photographic challenge – along the lines of photo-a-day. I don’t think I have the inspiration to take a picture every day for a year, and I worry that I’d end up shooting crap. I had a different idea, though. It’s a bit more achievable. Project 35 […]

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Of a rose, a lovely rose

I decided to take a close-up picture of a rose. I wanted to challenge myself, so I took the picture on my Mamiya RB67, which has no metering, no electronics, or in fact anything at all – apart from a gurt massive piece of film. The RB67 has built-in bellows so any lens becomes a […]

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AMD Opteron

This week’s Photo Challenge is entitled “go for gold”. We have to send in something related to gold. I decided to photograph the underside of a computer processor – an AMD Opteron – which was on my desk. The pins are gold-plated. From a super-macro like this, the scale is hard to tell. In real […]

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Cumberland Basin in the evening

It’s the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend and tonight at 6pm there was scheduled to be a mass ascent of 100 hot air balloons near the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Paul and I checked my ephemeris to find a good location (it’s a really useful app) and set off to Cumberland Basin, which affords good views […]

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Bristol campus with a Mamiya TLR

I decided to treat myself to a Mamiya C220 medium format twin-lens reflex camera. It takes square pictures with 6×6cm negatives. When shooting with old cameras, the golden rule is to try it before you rely on it, so I took it out for a lunchtime photowalk and photographed the “usual suspects” – things near […]

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