I have a large music collection, and today I wondered how physically large it might be in various obsolete formats (not including the playback equipment). In its current form, it is stored on a hard disk as 59GB of MP3 and other digital compressed formats. It has a total playing time of 718 hours – […]

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Frickin’ laser

A friend of mine is a researcher in the field of chemical physics. This week, he invited me to his lab to take a photograph of his 5 megawatt laser, which strikes a copper target and makes a plume of plasma that lasts for just a few fleeting nanoseconds. Normally, I like taking photos of […]

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For this week’s Photo Challenge, crowds, I took this composite picture of students coming and going from the chemistry department at the University of Bristol.

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My new darkroom

Last year I wrote about the darkroom I had set up in my loft. Since then I’ve moved house, so I need to build the darkroom again. This time I have a windowless utility room on the ground floor, with running water and a worktop, so it’s already better than what I had before. Here’s […]

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