Meet Lou Lou

I’d like to introduce you to Lou Lou, our new cat. She’s a rescue cat from the Bristol branch of the Cats Protection League – 4 years old and very playful. We’ve already put one or two photos from our phones on Facebook but these are the first proper photos. I’m sure there will be […]

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Where I’ve been

My iPhone automatically records geo-location information with each photo I take. I’ve never used the information, but today I happened to be prodding about in the menus and it drew me a map of where I’ve taken photos. It struck me that, by pure coincidence, all of the places are in a straight line. So, […]

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For some time, I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this giant mural on the side of the Bristol uni chemistry lab. The Spots v Stripes Photo Challenge presented the ideal opportunity.

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I’m playing catchup a bit here. This photo was actually actually taken a fortnight ago, for the staircases Photo Challenge. This staircase is in the H H Wills Physics Laboratory, Bristol.

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