Cracked ice

Some water gathered and froze in a canvas furniture cover. The block of ice was too heavy and too slippery to lift, so naturally my brother and I smashed it. And here’s a close-up of the end result.

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The house of the future

Some years ago, my dad bought me a book about electronics, computers and robots from a jumble sale for 10p. It was published in 1984 and probably about 15 years out of date when I received it. Today I came across it on my bookshelf back at my parents’ house, and there’s a double-page spread […]

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Baby, it’s cold outside

I posted a few months ago to say that my server wasn’t a massive fan of the high temperature in my loft. Well, now it’s too cold. The UK has had a bit of a cold snap lately. Outdoor temperatures in Bristol last night got as low as -3 °C, and in turn the temperature […]

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Security policy

A friend of mine spotted that his bank claims to use “the highest security available” when actually they use ARC4 and 1024 bit RSA. He sent them this: Dear HBOS security I have recently received the below message in regard to your paper-free service. While the message was genuinely sent by yourselves, I do take […]

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Web 2.0

Today I signed up for Twitter – not for personal reasons but because I needed it for work. Of course I’ve heard about it in the past as the leading micro-blogging service, but it hadn’t interested me in the slightest. I have used Facebook since its early days (when you could only get in if […]

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Another portrait

This is another portrait of Hana, along the same lines as many I’ve done before. But this time, inspired by Stu’s recent challenge entry, I had a go at lighting the background with a coloured flash. It’s OK, but the LCD on my camera isn’t very good and since looking at the photo on my […]

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