Building a pinhole camera

The other day, I was suddenly taken by an urge to build a pinhole camera. I vaguely recall building one out of a shoebox at primary school that projected a dim image onto some tracing paper, but now that I have the equipment and a little experience in developing films at home, I thought it […]

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Cities I’ve Visited

As much as I hate Facebook for its annoying apps, there are one or two good ones. Cities I’ve Visited is one such app that I like. You can add new cities either by scrolling, zooming & clicking, or by typing in a name. I like maps so I find it pretty interesting to see […]

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MSI motherboard woes

About a year ago, I built a computer based upon the MSI P45 Neo3-FR motherboard. I chose it because it offered the ICH10R chipset with Intel Matrix fakeraid (but that’s a whole other story). Overclocking At the time, I was disappointed with the board because I was not able to overclock – not one tiny […]

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Denim texture

As well as the stone cat, I also took these photos as candidates for the Photo Challenge theme of textures. I don’t know if the super-macro zoom level spoils the rough texture of denim. Maybe they’re a bit too close up.

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A stony glare

This feline statue is in my parents’ garden. I love its rough texture after years of weathering. It’s not the first time I’ve enjoyed a rough, stony statue either. It would probably be suitable for this week’s Photo Challenge, on the theme of textures. It’s certainly on my list of candidates.

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Autumn on film

I’ve just got another roll of film back from the developers. This time I had it done at ASDA, where I was delighted to find that they don’t treat my films like junk. Predictably, as it’s Autumn outside, the photos largely reflect this. Here are my favourites from the roll. Most were taken on Brandon […]

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