Google calendar

I decided that I need to sort out the way I do my personal calendaring. Currently I only use my phone’s built-in calendar. I nearly always have my phone with me, but it’s a bit of a pain to enter stuff on when I’m sat at a computer anyway, and carrying all that information solely […]

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Urban exploration

A friend visited me this weekend. His latest hobby is urban exploration so we decided to give it a go in Bristol. We considered a few sites but eventually we happened upon a factory by chance which shall remain nameless. Entry was through a small hole in the side. The ground floor doors and windows […]

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An evil wizard

I painted this scene in art class in year 8 at school. It’s a pretty poor painting, but I was very proud of it at the time and evidently still proud enough to put it on my website! I came across it in a box of papers the other day and scanned it in. Unfortunately […]

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