An ugly fix

My home server seems to have developed a problem where its internal-facing network card “jams up”. It still keeps its IP address and everything looks normal, but in actual fact no traffic passes through it, cutting all my LAN hosts off from the Internet. Restarting iptables, network services or anything else doesn’t help. The only […]

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My crazy partition setup

My requirements When I built this computer back in January, I had carefully considered the RAID storage configuration. My requirements were basically: Must dual boot Fedora and some flavour of Windows (unfortunately) Fedora must have a redundant /home partition, as it holds my most important data Windows must have a fast Media (aka /home) partition […]

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This week I decided to buy one ounce of copper bullion from eBay. When it arrived, it struck me as a giant 2p coin but it has a lovely red colour so I tried to capture this in a photograph.

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A matter brought to my attention just a few minutes ago – visibility of personal data in WHOIS info. I registered the domain with No-IP. It worked, and I thought nothing more of it. But this morning one of my colleagues received a personalised scam and it seems likely that the scammers retrieved his […]

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It’s not about the bike

This week I’ve been reading Lance Armstrong‘s autobiography – It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. Yes, I know it was published in 2000. You’d think that a cycling fan such as myself would have read it by now, but I never got round to it. However, I can strongly recommend the […]

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MSN Messenger is 10 years old

Well I never! From an advert on Hotmail I was linked to a page which proclaims that MSN Messenger (more recently known as Windows Live Messenger) is 10 years old. I would have guessed it was older than that. I can’t remember precisely when I first used MSN Messenger but I’m fairly sure it was […]

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Deprecated vs Depreciated

One thing that often annoys me, particularly in my line of work in IT is the frequent muddling-up of the words deprecated and depreciated. According to Wiktionary… Depreciate Verb (intransitive) To reduce in value over time. (transitive) To belittle Deprecate Verb (formal) to express disapproval of. (computing) to recommend against use of. (archaic) to pray […]

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