A blast from the past

This evening I stumbled across my first web site. I put this together using Publisher 97, probably in the year 1997. It looks rather, uh, dated these days. While browsing the tree of that site, I also found my brother Oliver’s website, and a site I set up in 1999 about my year 9 class […]

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Deer at Ashton Court

I saw this deer in the deer park at Ashton Court, just across the suspension bridge from Bristol. Unfortunately it was the only one near enough to the fence to have its photo taken, and is the best photo of a bad bunch. For those who are interested, this photo was uploaded from Ashton Court […]

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LED sidelights

Today I replaced the sidelights in my car with white LEDs. I was annoyed by the very yellow tinge of the traditional 501 (aka W5W) bulbs. The new LEDs produce a very narrow beam and don’t illuminate the reflector as the bulbs used to. I like it. I promise to upload more photos in a […]

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Big – The Making Of

If you liked my Big photo, perhaps you’d like to see how it was done. Not as hard as you might think! You will need: A mannequin (mine was £6 from Ikea) A toy car (47p from Tesco) Some boxes for buildings (I used boxes of slides) Coloured-in black Post-It notes for windows Matchsticks for […]

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From Stu: Back to the usual rules, this week you’re taking a picture especially for the challenge. And the theme is BIG. Good luck! Well, I haven’t put so much effort into a photograph for a long time! I had fun with this one – cutting out, painting and making a mess. If you want […]

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Edmund – 1998

While pondering ideas for Stu’s “big”-themed photo challenge this week, I vaguely recalled taking a picture of my younger brother Edmund some years ago where I managed to make him look big. Eventually I found the photo (a 6″x4″ print from a disposable camera) and pinned the date down as 1998, when I would have […]

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